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  • Custom Timber Frame Design and Engineering

    We work with individuals, architects, and general contractors to design, engineer, value engineer, manufacturer, and install timber frames or timber frame components of all sizes and complexities and timber species. The timber frames are manufactured in plants and shipped to the sites for installation. Sites range from narrow, big city, down town lots to vast country acreages, to isolated islands, to nations all around the globe. Timber frames come in all sizes, shapes, species, and price tags. We are here to help and assist you through the entire process whether you desire, and budget allows, a single truss or millions of dollars for the next wonder of the world.


  • Full Timber Frame Structures

    …can be either residential or commercial. They consists of timbers joined with traditional wood joinery. The timber frame is both structural and visual. The timber frame is most often covered with insulated panels (SIPS). The exterior and interior of the panels are finished like any other structure with rock, brick, stucco, wood siding, sheetrock, plaster, wood paneling, or any of the other various options. The timber framing and panels for full timber frame begin in the $50/sq. ft. ball park and can exceed $100/sq. ft.

  • Timber Frame Hybrids

    …usually consist of one or two timber famed rooms, and the balance of the structure is constructed out of other building systems. In residential hybrids, the Great Room, Master, and or Kitchen are often timber framed while the balance of the residence is stick framed. In commercial hybrids, the entry, conference room, club house, and or dinning room might be timber framed, while the balance of the structure is of another construction system. The timber framing cost for hybrids start at approximately $30/sq. ft. and go up from there.

  • Timber Frame Roof Systems

    …are often placed on top of conventional wall systems. The conventional load bearing walls can be built out of wood, concrete, steel, hay, rock, and or a variety of other systems, and a timber frame roof system is installed on top of the walls. Tuscany style homes and restaurants often choose this style of timber framing to generate an authentic Italian flavor. Ranch houses are another example of projects which often employ this style of timber framing. The price of timber framed roof systems range from $30/sq. ft. and up.

  • Timber Frame Roof Trusses for Structure or Ambiance

    …can be used in a single room or various rooms throughout the house or project. The most popular and cost effective structural example is two trusses and three ridge sections for a single room. A truss is set 1⁄3 of the distance from the two-end wall and a ridge timber is inserted between the two trusses and between each truss and its closest wall. In residential construction, a 2x rafter would then rest on the timber ridge and 2x wall for attachment of the ceiling and roofing. Often trusses are placed in rooms for architectural ambiance and are not used as structural elements. Trusses begin at the $3,000 range.

  • Timber Frame Great Rooms

    …We have several pre-designed timber frame great rooms that can be inserted into your plans. Budgets are reasonable for such an enhancement and can add significant appeal to your home. A timber frame great room allows the architect to inject an artistic flare into your home, giving it the feel of a full timber frame structure without the expense associated with a full timber frame home.

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  • Timber Frame Kits

    …are available for single story, 1½ story, and 2 story structures. These kits are designed to efficiently use the timbers and therefore minimize the cost of the timber frame structure. These pre-designed, pre-engineered kits include the full timber frame structure with options for insulated panels, ceiling decking, distressing and/or installation. There are 27 kits which range in size from 16x32 to 32x48 and from 384 sq. ft. to 3,072 sq. ft. They can be used as stand alone structures or connected to create various shapes and sizes. The basic timber frame kits range in price from approximately $15 to $30 a sq. ft. The addition of insulated roof and wall panels and installation increases the price to approximately $45 to $95 per sq. ft.




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