Timber Frames, Inc. is a distributor and factory representative for various timber frame manufacturers across the country. The manufacturers do the actual frame design, engineering, manufacturing, shipping and site installation if needed. We provide Timber Frame project management as well as the following services:

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  • Client Education

    The Home Owner…Often learns about timber framing and has questions as they explore the possibilities of using timber framing in their future home. Their questions often include: How much does it cost? Is the whole house timber framed? What type of wood is used? Is it actually put together with wooden dowels? Can I timber frame just my great room? Do they actually timber frame in our area or only in places like Colorado? What covers the timber frame? How good are the insulated panels? Can we use recycled wood? And the list goes on.


    The Architect…Often need questions answered as projects are being designed. Their questions often include: What is it going to cost if I design it this way? Can this be made? Can my client afford it? Who engineers the timber frame? Can I define space and the factory design the actual frame from there? How can we value engineer this as we develop the design?


    The Builder/General Contractor…Often receives plans and projects which include timber framing. Their questions often include: What will it cost? How long will it take? At what time during the process do I order? Will the factory install or would it be better for our crew to install the timber frame? What happens if it rains?


  • Planning, Design and Process

    The planning and design usually begin in a client’s home, architect's office, or contractor’s office. Depending on the project, there are normally several meetings where general information is exchanged and possibilities are discussed. If a design exists, then we pick the appropriate factory to send the design to and develop an estimate. The estimate is based on the number of timbers, quantity and difficulty of the timber joinery, the board feet of timbers, the species of the timbers, the finish desired, the quantity of insulated panels, if any, the site location, and site crew size and equipment needed.


    The estimate and design are reviewed. The factory often has design suggestions or alternatives which are presented.


    Value engineering is often done at this point to verify the client is getting what they really want and they are getting the “biggest bang for their dollar.”


    Once the final timber frame design is selected, the home owner, builder, or contractor will place the order.


    Once the frame is ordered, Shop Drawings are created at the factory. The shop drawings are then reviewed by every one on the team: Timberframes, Inc., the owner, the architect, and the builder/contractor.


    At this point, any desired final changes, additions, or deletions are made to the shop drawings. This “red lined” set of shop drawings are sent back to the factory.


    The factory sends a revised set of shop drawings reflecting the changes requested. The team reviews the revised shop drawings. If the shop drawings are acceptable to the team, they are signed and returned to the factory.


    The factory begins the manufacturing process based on the signed shop drawings.


    When the frame is completed, the team is notified and the exact delivery date is set. Depending on many site factors, the project may not be ready for the timber frame. The project is then held at the factory until the project is ready to receive the timber frame.


    The timber frame package arrives on the site and is off loaded and installed. Depending on the size and complexity, the factory may send a crew to assemble and erect the timber frame, or the contractor may desire to do the assembly and erection of the frame.

  • Team Assembly

    When a client is beginning the process, they often need an architect or general contractor or both. Depending on what the client is trying to achieve, we can recommend various architects or builders. When the client has a desire to build a complete timber frame home or structure, it may be best to select a timber framer from the beginning and use their architects to design and produce the construction documents.

  • Site Visits

    Through out the design and construction process, it simplifies and expedites the process to be able to make site visits as needed.

  • Project Stewardship

    We oversee the timber frame process and direct it from the conception through the construction.


    We educate the various parties and trades as to the process and the interaction.


    We continuously evaluate and try to keep all parties appraised of each others progress to ensure a smooth process.

  • Timber Frame Great Rooms

    …We have several pre-designed timber frame great rooms that can be inserted into your plans. Budgets are reasonable for such an enhancement and can add significant appeal to your home. A timber frame great room allows the architect to inject an artistic flare into your home, giving it the feel of a full timber frame structure without the expense associated with a full timber frame home.

  • Follow-up Services

    ven after the timber frame portion of the project is completed, we are available to visit the site to help facilitate changes, additions or answer questions, which occur during construction.