How much does it cost?

The design, the quantity and board footage of timbers, and the difficulty factor of the joinery all influence the cost of a timber frame project. Until the design is completed, ball park prices are the best tool in estimating price. Timber framing will cost more than stick framing.


How can we reduce the cost?

It is important to clearly define the project, and most importantly the desired budget, from the beginning.


Will you design the whole project or just the timber frame?

We will do either.


Will you contract the whole project or just the timer frame portion?

Normally we contract, manufacture, deliver, assemble and install only the timber frame portion.


Do you install it or does my contractor?

We will normally install the timber frame. Depending on the size and complexity of the timber frame, the contractor's crews could install the frame.


Who engineers the timber frame?

The timber frame manufactures engineer the timber frame. They either have engineers on staff or use out-of-house engineering firms.


Is there anything else used to cover the frame beside SIPS?

On complete timber frame projects, SIPS are normally the best enclosure. However other systems are available such as ICF. It is even possible for stick frame walls to enclose timberframes, especially on walls consisting of mostly windows and doors.


What happens if it rains while the timbers are being installed?

We rejoice since we normally need the rain. The rain does not hurt the timber frame, although it may slow down the process.


Is there a price savings if I select another species of wood?

Oak, Douglas Fir, and Southern Yellow Pine are the normal species of wood used in timber framing. The price does vary between these species. The variance normally will not change the client's selection. Recycled timbers are available. They are more expensive than new timbers.


How long does it take?

Most projects will take one to three weeks of shop time. It is very important to begin the timber frame discussions, design and contracting before the project breaks ground. Depending on the choice of timbers, the timbers usually take four to twelve weeks from order to delivery to the shop.


Can you suggest an architect who is familiar with timber framing?

Yes. We work with numerous architects who understand the timber framing process.


Does it mater if my builder has never built a timber frame?

Not really. If he is open to learning, the process should go very smoothly.


Can you suggest a builder?

In most areas we can recommend a builder.